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Exploring the Lascaux caves – how digital tech is bringing prehistoric art to life


Creative Review: A new museum opens in France next week that combines physical replicas of the Lascaux cave system with augmented reality – the latest cultural project to use digital innovation to... More >>


Scientists have found the world's largest cluster of sinkholes, and it spans 4 counties


Science Alert: According to reports from government officials in the Shaanxi province in northwest China, the collection of sinkholes was found during a recent survey of land around Hanzhong... More >>


Ancient limestone caves in Ha Long Bay suffer damage


VN Express: Some ancient limestone caves in Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site visited by millions of tourists each year, have been damaged, local officials said.Tourists to Cap La,... More >>


DNR will test caves, old mines for bat-killing fungus

09/11/2016 Do you own a cave or an old mine that you would like tested for White-nose Syndrome this coming winter? If so, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources may be able to help.Jennifer Ki... More >>


A 49,000 year old cave dwelling in Australia has been discoverd

06/11/2016 The discovery of a human settlement in Australia dating back 49,000 years has challenged theories about when the world's oldest continued civilisation came to the country, the... More >>


Omran hosts ISCA Conference at Al Hoota Cave

05/11/2016 Omran is hosting the 2016 International Show Caves Association’s (ISCA) conference from November 6-12, with more than 40 international delegates welcomed to Oman’s renowned Al Hoota... More >>


The Relationship Between Early Man and Eurasian Cave Lion Studied


New Historian: Panthera spelaea, the Eurasian cave lion, a species that was larger than an African lion without the mane, became extinct approximately 14,000 years ago, but the reasons behind its... More >>


NY State cave explorers cautioned: Don't disturb hibernating bats

29/10/2016 Outdoor adventurers are being asked by the state Department of Environmental Conservation to "suspend exploration of cave and mine sites that may serve as homes for bat... More >>


Prehistoric humans may have hunted cave lions to extinction, fossils indicate


The Guardian: Cave lions might have been hunted to extinction by humans, according to researchers who say they have found evidence that the creatures were skinned for their pelts 16,000 years... More >>


New species of extremely leggy millipede discovered in a cave in California


Eurek Alert: Along with many spiders, pseudoscorpions, and flies discovered and catalogued by the cave explorers, a tiny threadlike millipede was found in the unexplored dark marble caves in Sequoia... More >>


Riverways volunteers receive national speleological award


News-Leader: Two longtime volunteers at Ozark National Scenic Riverways have been recognized with a national award for their efforts in cave research and preservation in Missouri. Scott House and... More >>


Boy rescued from Naracoorte cave, as SA wild weather keeps emergency crews busy

21/10/2016 Emergency workers have used a little olive oil and a harness to rescue a 12-year-old boy who became trapped about 15 metres underground in a cave at Naracoorte in the south-east of South... More >>


Early paintings depict Spanish invaders


Mexico News Daily: Mexican archaeologists have found what could be the earliest indigenous depictions of Spaniards in cave paintings located in the mountainous region of the state of... More >>


Mystery species hidden in cave art appears to be unknown bison-cattle hybrid


Science Daily: Ancient DNA research has revealed that Ice Age cave artists recorded a previously unknown hybrid species of bison and cattle in great detail on cave walls more than 15,000 years... More >>


Nottingham Caves Festival opens with virtual reality tour


notts tv: Nottingham Caves Festival started on Monday, making the inaccessible accessible with a virtual reality tour.It’s one of several activities available at the week-long festival, including... More >>


Two more divers die in Weeki Wachee's Eagle's Nest dive area


Fox 13: Weeki Wachee (FOX 13) - The bodies of two divers were recovered on Monday from the Eagle's Nest dive area in Weeki Wachee, reinforcing the location's reputation for claiming the lives of even... More >>


Unique 14,000-Year-Old Cave Paintings Unearthed in Northern Spain


Latin American Herald Tribune: MADRID – Dozens of cave paintings dating back to 14,000 years ago were discovered in Spain, local authorities announced Thursday.The leader of the northern Vizcaya... More >>


Nevada caves illuminate past climate, future challenges in the Southwest


Las Vegas Sun: On a trip to Great Basin National Park, UNLV geoscience professor Matt Lachniet says that rainfall many millennia ago formed lakes in the desolate basins lining this strip of rural... More >>


China's biggest ice cave continues to expand


Business Standard: China's biggest ice cave, formed some three million years ago, in the northern Shanxi province continues to accumulate ice. The cave, in the Luya mountain in Ningwu County, Xinzhou... More >>


Weird orange crocodiles found gorging on bats in Gabon’s caves


New Scientist: Caves are scary places – especially ones filled with crocodiles. “I was crawling through the cave and suddenly there were two red eyes,” says explorer Olivier Testa. “It was... More >>


Tour the World’s Biggest Manmade Cave in China


smithsonianmag: Once upon a Cold War, China hedged its bets against the Soviet Union’s growing dominance by building nuclear plans of its own. Paranoid and put-upon, Mao Zedong's Communist government... More >>


Full-scale survey planned at large, mysterious mountain cave


The Asahi Shimbun: CHICHIBU, Saitama Prefecture--Hidden in a mysterious cave gorgeously adorned with a waterfall, valley, stalactites and stalagmites lies natural treasures of a different sort.The... More >>


Into the abyss: World's deepest underwater cave discovered in Czech Republic


International Business Times: The world's deepest underwater cave has been discovered in the Czech Republic, reaching 1,325ft (404m) into the bowels of Earth. The Hranická Propast was first explored... More >>


Humans Wiped Out the Hobbit: New Study Suggests Homo Sapiens Caused Extinction of Tiny Homo Floresiensis Species


Ancient Origins: In October 2004, excavation of fragmentary skeletal remains from the island of Flores in Indonesia yielded what was called "the most important find in human evolution for 100... More >>


World's oldest fish-hooks found on Okinawa, Japan


The Guardian: The world’s oldest fish-hooks, approximately 23,000 years old, have been found in a cave on Okinawa Island off the coast of Japan.Researchers say the fish-hooks, made from the shells of... More >>




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